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Last Stop Suburbia 10 year Anniversary Show….

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog with anything even remotely interesting, but today I’m excited to announce Allister’s first Chicago show in over 2 years.  Back in 2002, we recorded and released an album called “Last Stop Suburbia” which went on to sell fairly well and somehow became our most popular record.  At the time, we had no idea that songs like “Somewhere on Fullerton,” “Overrated,” or “Flypaper” would become permanent staples in our set list.  We were (and still are) just a dumb little suburban band writing dumb little suburban punk rock songs in our garage.

It’s been ten years since the record was released and we’ve decided to book a show and play “Last Stop Suburbia” from start to finish.  As with all band decisions, we made this one after a few too many beers and few too many drunken trips down memory lane.  So, for better or for worse, come and check out the show, buy us a beer, or simply throw rotten tomatoes at us.  Either way it should be fun…

WHAT?:  Allister performing “Last Stop Suburbia” in its entirety.

WHEN?: Saturday, March 9, 2013 – 6pm All ages

WHERE?:  Reggie’s Rock Club – 2105 South State Street – Chicago, IL

TICKETS?: http://www.reggieslive.com/show/allister/