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Hot Alice and a new beginning….

A lot has happened over the last 8 months of my life, most of which was so chaotic and excruciatingly tiresome that I will probably not be wasting even more time posting about it here. However, there are a few good and exciting things happening, and I will finally have some free time on my hands to update this page more than once every 7 months. The first (and really the only thing to discuss right now) is that I have a new band. We are called Hot Alice and you can follow us on twitter, @HotAliceBand. The band consists of myself, my brother Chris, our buddy Pickles on bass, and our good friend Nate Thruman on drums. I won’t waste time explaining what we sound like because we’re too fucking good to be pigeonholed into some sub-genre of rock music. Come check us out at the Beat Kitchen on August 3rd and see for yourself. We’re in the beginning stages of laying down some tracks in a studio so we should have something for y’all to listen to within the next few months. In the meantime, we’ll have t-shirts available at the Beat Kitchen show which you should buy and then brag to your friends about how you bought the shirt at the very first Hot Alice show. They will all be jealous. I promise you.