Tales of the young, drunk, and reckless…and other random thoughts

Dead Ends and Girlfriends – “I Told You So”

This post will most likely bore anyone reading it since there isn’t much at all behind this particular song.  If I remember correctly it was one of the earliest songs I wrote for the band, sometime in high school.  I cringe almost every time I hear it.  What’s funny is that the original version of this song was somehow even worse than the version that made the record.  The first writing of this tune featured an upstroke, ska-tastic guitar lick, similar to the song “Ex-Girlfriend.”  Like I said, back then we were stoked on bands like Assorted JellyBeans, Less Than Jake, and early HomeGrown.  I’m not entirely sure who suggested we replace the clean guitar with distorted, three note power chords, but I sometimes wish that they had instead suggested we scrap the song altogether.  I’m almost certain there exists an original 8-track recording of it, though I’m not sure if I have a copy.  Now that I think about it, it might have been on our very first demo tape.  I’ll have to see if I can dig that up.  At any rate, I wish I could say there was a better story behind this song but there isn’t.  It’s simply a made up story about someone who loses a girlfriend to another guy.  Typical teenage problems, eh?


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