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Dead Ends and Girlfriends – “Friday Night”

I believe it was Homer Simpson who coined the phrase, “Alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.”  Such truer words have probably never been spoken, and no phrase could better capture the essence of my first two years in college.  “Friday Night” was written somewhere around this time.  I did fairly well in school but, like most college students, Friday nights were spent wandering the streets of town, stumbling from one house party to another.  I certainly have no regrets and wouldn’t change anything about those formative college years.  But if I’m being candid here, (which I’d like to think I am) there was usually a brief moment during those Friday nights when the robed and haloed voice of reason perched on my shoulder would deliver his standard soliloquy.  “What are you doing with yourself?” he would say.  “It’s time for you to wake up and turn yourself around.”  (I suppose he still says these things but thankfully not quite as often)

In true college fashion, any problems from the night before were solved by beginning Saturday with a drink.  And, in true, lyrical fashion, I simply decided to repeat the chorus line a few times, “Throw my problems away…”  I remember really liking this song when I first wrote it and I’m not really sure why.  There isn’t anything terribly special about it.  However, it still remains one of the more requested songs from this particular record, and that is always very cool.