Tales of the young, drunk, and reckless…and other random thoughts

Dead Ends and Girlfriends – “Boysenberry”

As I mentioned in my last post, most Friday & Saturday nights in the dreary college town of Charleston, IL  were spent wandering from house party to house party.  I didn’t get my first car until I was 21 so my party hopping was always done on foot.  If anyone remembers the back half of the 90’s, you may recall that the fashionable look for punk rockers back then were “fat” pants.  Some people called them “pipes.”  For reasons that seem silly now, most of us wore extra-wide legged pants with extra large pockets in both the front and back.  The beauty of this wardrobe (in my opinion) was the ability to semi-successfully carry and obscure and 40 oz bottle of beer.  As a college student I didn’t have much money.  Thankfully, high class 40 oz beers such as Big Bear or King Cobra could be had for a scant $0.99 back in 1997.  I usually had no problems digging through my couch cushions and pulling out the requisite $3 in change it would take to get me drunk for a night.  So, we’d load up our fat pants with beers and wander the streets of town.

The genesis of this song clearly came out of one of these nights.  We practiced the song a few times and even played it live without giving it a title.  That came one morning after a late night of drinking.  Skippy (our old guitar player) and I were having breakfast at IHOP and we decided to order stacks of pancakes.  If you’ve ever been to IHOP you know they specialize in providing unique syrup flavors.  I’ll give you one guess what flavor we used on our pancakes that morning….


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